About Us

GrahNirman is a one stop, user friendly, and technologically advanced online supermarket selling construction materials for home, apartment,  storage warehouse, industrial work area, restaurant, shopping malls, retail showrooms, hotels, resorts etc  and other similar.  Grah Nirman is a part of Global Traders based at Amritsar and started by Rohit Mundra with the blessings of his GURUJI SWAMI SATYA PARKASHANAND JI  and support of his family and friends.


Our Mission

This is what we will always try to bring to all our customers

  • The best prices
  • The widest selection of building materials
  • On-time delivery
  • Customer satisfaction

Who we are?


GrahNirman is the one stop solution for all your  buildingmaterial needs, a leading online building construction material supplier in Amritsar. Our motive is not just to sell, but be your companion in buying the best quality building material to build your dream construction project.

Our Online store offers you a vast range of building construction materials at the best price and also available in accessible time by a reliable delivery system.You can buy right from cement, TMT steel, , clay bricks, concrete blocks, lightweight blocks, roofing sheets, construction chemical ,and much more. Such as doors & windows etc

We will try our best to overcome our shortcomings and provide you a pleasant and peaceful experience in your buying of construction material through us.